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Apply for SC Youth Soccer Fall Festival Fall 2015
Fall 2015 Sandlapper League Information
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Application Deadline - Monday, August 25th
Scheduling Meeting - Saturday, August 29th

Location: Hyatt Place Columbia Downtown The Vista (Meeting Rooms on the second floor)

819 Gervais St,

Columbia, SC 29201

10:00am - 11:30am U8 thru U10

11:30am - 1:00 pm U11 thru U12

Fall Season Starts - Saturday, September 12th
SCYS Fall Festival - November 14-15 (Open to all academy and recreation teams)
Additional scheduling meeting info for the league will be emailed out once registration is closed.
Team Information for Scheduling Meeting

Please click the link below for Master Schedules.

If is recommended that you print a copy of your division schedule to bring with you to the meeting.

Scheduling Worksheet:

Girls Teams

Boys Teams

Fall 2015 SCYS Sandlapper League Schedules
 SCYS Sandlapper League Fall 2015
Accepted Teams

SCYS Sandlapper League Fall 2015

U8 Boys
Liverpool FCA 07 Carragher
Liverpool FCA 07 Dalglish
Liverpool FCA 07 McManaman
Liverpool FCA 07 Toshack
SC Bulls 07 Bulls Black
Sc Bulls 07 Bulls Red
SC Bulls 07 Bulls White
SCUFC 07 Boys Black
SCUFC 07 Boys Blue
SCUFC 07 Boys Red
SCUFC 07 Boys White
U9 Boys
Augusta Arsenal 07 White
CRFC Maroon 06
CRFC Sky 06
FSA 06 Blue
FSA 06 White
Liverpool FCA 06 Babel
Liverpool FCA 06 McManaman
Liverpool FCA 06 Paisley
SC Bulls 06 Bulls Boys Red
SCUFC 06 Boys Black
SCUFC 06 Boys Blue
SCUFC 06 Boys Red
SCUFC 06 Boys White
Sumter 06 Lightning
SUSC Soda City
U10 Boys Red
Liverpool FCA 05 Gerrard
SC Bulls 05 Bulls Boys Red
SCUFC 05 Boys Black
SCUFC 05 Boys Blue
SCUFC 05 Boys Red
Sumter 05 Aardvarks
SUSC Rockets 05
U10 Boys Blue
Augusta Arsenal 06 white
CRFC Sky 05
FSA 05 Blue
Liverpool FCA 05 Callaghan
Liverpool FCA 05 St. John
Liverpool FCA 06 Shankly
SC Bulls 05 Bulls Boys Black
SC Bulls 05 Bulls Boys White
SCUFC 05 Boys Royal
SCUFC 05 Boys White
Sumter 05 Cobras
U11 Boys Red
Augusta Arsenal 05 Blue
Augusta Arsenal 05 Green
DSC 04 Boys A
Liverpool FCA 04 Keegan
Liverpool FCA 04 Rodgers
SC Bulls 04 Bulls Boys Red
SCUFC 04 Boys Blue
SCUFC 04 Boys Red
U11 Boys Blue
Augusta Arsenal 06 Blue
DSC 04 B1
DSC 04 Boys B2
Liverpool FCA 04 Fowler
Liverpool FCA 05/06 Rush
SC Bulls 04 Bulls Boys Black
SCUFC 04 Boys Black
SCUFC 04 Boys White
SCUFC Toros 04 Boys
U11 Boys White
Augusta Arsenal 05 White
FSA 04 Blue
Liverpool FCA 04 Liddell
SC Bulls 04 Bulls Boys White
SCUFC 04 Boys Green
SCUFC 04 Boys Navy
SCUFC 04 Boys Royal
U12 Boys
Augusta Arsenal 04 white
CRFC Maroon 03
CRFC Sky 03
CRFC White 03
DSC 03 Boys B1
DSC 03 Boys B2
DSC 03 Boys C1
DSC 03 Boys C2
DSC 03 Boys D
FSA 03 Blue U12B
FSA 03 White U12B
Liverpool FCA 03 St. John
PUFC 03B Gold
PUFC 03B Select
SC Bulls 03 Bulls Boys White
SCUFC 03 Boys Blue
SCUFC 03 Boys Red
SCUFC Toros 03 Boys
Sumter 03 Galaxy
U9/10 Girls Red
Augusta Arsenal 06 Blue
Liverpool FCA 05 Keegan
Liverpool FCA 05 Kennedy
SCUFC 05 Girls Blue
SCUFC 05 Girls Red
U9/10 Girls Blue
Augusta Arsenal 06 Green
LCGSA Mozley U10
Liverpool FCA 06 Dalglish
SC Bulls 05 Bulls Girls
SCUFC 05 Girls Black
SCUFC 05G Royal
SCUFC 06 Girls Red
U11 Girls
Augusta Arsenal 05 Blue
Augusta Arsenal 05 Green
DSC 04 Girls B
Liverpool FCA 04 Carragher
Liverpool FCA 04 Neal
PUFC 04 Girls Select
SC Bulls 04 Bulls Girls Red
SCUFC 04 Girls Blue
SCUFC 04 Girls Red
U12 Girls Red
Augusta Arsenal 04 Green
CRFC Sky 03
DSC 04 Girls A
Liverpool FCA 03 Alonso
SC Bulls 03 Bulls Girls Black
U12 Girls Blue
Augusta Arsenal 04 Blue
CRFC Maroon 03
DSC 03 Girls B
FSA 03G Blue
LCGSA Cyclones
Liverpool FCA 03 Rush
SCUFC 03 Girls Grey
SCUFC 04 Girls Black
Sumter 03 Voodoo Dolls
RED CARD Ejection Notice Form
Must Be Submitted Within 48 hrs for both Ejections and Suspensions Served

Click on link below for RED CARD Ejection Notice Form


Soccer Fields and Directions
Directory of Field Complexes
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Field Complexes listed by the letter "2"

295 Sports Complex A · B

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