Coastal League Guidelines & Rules


The USYSA, SCYS and FIFA rules apply to the game unless modified by these league rules.

1 Eligibility:

To be eligible for the Coastal league a team must be comprised of properly registered youth players and must comply with SCYS rules. Teams and clubs shall be in good standing with SCYS or your State Association.



2.     Competition Division and Age Groups:

Coastal is comprised of U8 thru U19 boys and girls teams in the fall season.

Coastal is comprised of U8 thru U14 boys and girls teams in the spring season.


3 Coastal Website:

Check the Coastal website for league information. All field directions, schedules, standings and rules will be posted on the SCYS website. www.scysa.org


4.     Registration:

Fall Season July / August                                        Spring Season December / January

All players/teams must be properly registered with SC Youth Soccer prior to playing their first game. Registration deadline for Fall 2013, August 19th.


5.     League Fees:

All league fees and a bond check must be received before you play in the league.

League fees are $100 for U8-U10, $125 for U11/12 and $150 for U13-U19. Bond checks are $300 per club. Make both checks payable to SCYS / Coastal League.



6.     Referee Fees:












































Referees are to be paid before the game starts. Each team is responsible for paying half the fees for the referee and assistant referees before

each game. (Home and Away) Please note that U8, U9, U10’s will only use one referee and OFFSIDE will be called.


7 Team Rosters:

Teams must have an official SCYS and league roster to play in the league. Player / coach passes and a roster must be available at the game site.


8.     Player / Coaches Passes

Each player, coach and assistant coach in Coastal must have an official US Youth soccer pass (ID card). The pass shall have a signature of the player / coach, the signature of the State Registrar of his / her designee and a current photograph of the player permanently attached. Players/coaches may not be photographed in hats, sunglasses or headbands. Laminated player passes are required. The same requirements apply to the coach and assistant coach. NO PASSNO PLAY


9.     Guest Players:

Not allowed. Except club player pass (U12 Academy thru U19)

10.   Red Card Ejection Form:

Red Cards are to be reported directly to SCYS. There will no longer be a Red Card Tracking form needed. On the SCYwebsite there will be a Red Card / Ejection Notice Form that will need to be filled out and sent to SCYS and to the Coastal Administrator within 48 hours. Failure to submit the Red Card Ejection form within 48 hours of a match will result in a $50 fine. Any team allowing an ejected player/coach to participate will forfeit the match, lose their bond and the coach will be suspended immediately from ALL SCYS activities for no less than one

year pending a hearing. Go to  www.scysa.org to obtain the form. Ejected coach will incur a $200 fine.



11 Medical Release Forms – (Required and Notarized)

In case of injury, this form is usually required by a hospital to expedite treatment of the injured player. Please be aware of any medication the player may be allergic tooThese forms can be downloaded from the SCYS website. Go to  www.scysa.org and then click on download forms and scroll down until you come to Coaches Downloads. Under coaches downloads you will see the Medical Release form. Coastal would

prefer for teams to travel with a small medical kit.



12 Notification to Travel Forms (Required for SC Teams)

Teams traveling to play games outside of South Carolina are required to have a Notification of Travel form. Go to  www.scysa.org and then click on download forms and scroll down until you come to Travel Papers. Under Travel Papers you will find the Notification to Travel Form. Please make sure and keep a copy with your team forms during the season. Also make sure and send a copy to the Coastal League Administrator.

NOTE: Georgia and North Carolina teams use Interstate Agreement Forms.



13 Player Equipment and Uniforms:

All teams shall wear matching uniforms consisting of jersey, shorts and socks. Every field player shall have a unique and identifiable number attached to his/her jersey. Additional garments may be worn to protect against the elements, but all players must present a uniform appearance and all extra clothing is subject to the approval of the referee. Socks must be pulled up over each player’s shin guards.  No jewelry of any type may be worn during a match under any circumstances. The referee is the sole judge of whether player equipment, casts or protective or other assistant devices shall be allowed as prescribed in the FIFALaws of the Game. In general, hard casts will be allowed only if they are (A) wrapped in their entirety with half inch of foam or other cushioning material and (B) are, in the opinion of the referee, safe. At the first indication that a player with a cast or other protective device is using it in an unsafe manner, or to gain an advantage, the player shalbe removed from the match. The player may not return for the duration of the match or until the cast or device has been removed.


14. Fields:


Age Division

Minimum Field Size

Maximum Field Size





35 x 45

45 x 70

50 x 100

65 x 100

45 x 60

55 x 80

70 x 120

80 x 120


15. Goals:

Age Division                                 Goal Size

U8-U12                                           6 x 18 or 7 x 21

U13-U19                                         8 x 24


16.   Referee Assignors:

SC Youth Soccer will selec“local” referee assignors each season/year that will be contracted to manage referee needs for the league.

17 Schedule

Initial schedules will be established at a scheduling meeting with clubs/coaches approximately two weeks before the first game of the season. All Blackout dates must be known at the time of the meeting. The schedule will be posted on  www.scysa.org



18 Grace Period:

Teams not ready to play within 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time of any match shall forfeit the match.


19. Forfeit:

Forfeits will be counted as a 3-0 shutout win and the team will be awarded 3 points in the standings.



20.   Team Cancellation of Scheduled Matches:

All matches must be played as scheduled. Teams that forfeit a scheduled match will lose $100 of the club performance bond. Once the bond is forfeited a new bond must be posted before you play your next game. The Coastal league will review a team who forfeits more than two games in on season. Go to the league website for re-scheduling fees.



21 Weather Related Cancellations:

If field related cancellations should occur, the host club must contact the Coastal league administrator, field coordinator and the referee assignor. Please note that some clubs may host neutral games and those teams must be contact too. Hosting clubs if possible please update hotline numbers and club websites with all necessary information on the status of your complex.



22 Home Team:

The team listed first on the schedule is the home team. The home team shall change jerseys and/or socks if, in the opinion of the referee, there is a color conflict.



23.   Game Ball: (Required)

It is the responsibility of both teams to provide a playable game ball to the referee at the beginning of each match.



24 Length of Games: (No overtime)

Age Division

Minutes per half


Ball Size


25 minutes

10 minutes



30 minutes

10 minutes



35 minutes

10 minutes



40 minutes

10 minutes



45 minutes

10 minutes



25.  Rules of Competition:

All matches will be conducted in accordance with FIFA’s Laws of the Game consistent with the following additional requirements of SCYand Coastal.

26. Player Substitutions:

Unlimited substitutions are allowed. Substitutions may be made on the following stoppages of play:

Ø     Prior to a throw-in your favor

Ø     Prior to a goal kick by either team

Ø     After a goal by either team

Ø     After any injury be either team when the referee stops play (unlimited)

Ø     At the beginning of the second half

Ø     When the referee stops play to caution a player, only the cautioned player may be substituted prior to the re-start of the game.


27 Reporting your scores:

Directions on reporting game scores and filling out game reports can be found on the SCYS website. Get onto the SCYwebsite and click onto your Team Page. Find the game you played and enter the game scores. Enter any other information you care to enter. When you get finished entering the information go to the bottom of the page and select SAVE. You are finished.


You do not need to send an EmailIf a team posts the score it will update automatically. Please make sure and report your scores by noon oTuesday.


28 League Standings:

Three points are awarded for a WIN, one point for a TIE and zero for a LOSS. In any case, where both teams forfeit, zero points will be awarded. In the case of ties within a division the following tie breaking procedures will be used.

Ø     Head to Head competition

Ø     Goal differential, with a maximum differential of three goals per game

Ø     Fewest total goals allowed in all games

Ø     Coin toss


29 End Season Festival: (Optional)

At the end of each fall/spring regular season a league festival will be held this will be an open invitation and any Coastal team in good standings with Coastal league will be able to participate. Entry fee will be $75 per team and will be collected at a later time in the regular season. Each team will be asked to have an official or club generated roster with only the players playing for that team in the festival. All referee fees during the festival will be paid before each game played by each team. Referee fees will be the same as regular season.  (See Rule

6 for referee fees paid)


30 Coastal Discipline and Appeals:

All matters involving discipline and appeals within the Coastal league shall be in accordance with SCYS Discipline and Appeals Policy/Procedures. All protest and appeals shall be filed in writing to the Coastal league administrator within seventy-two hours of the game or circumstances that is being challenged. Judgment decisions of the referee are not subject to appeal or protest.



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