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Collecting Teddy Bears at Kohl's American/ Publix Palmetto Cup

Children's Hope and the Sumter Soccer Club are asking for your support to collect new teddy bears for the Palmetto Richland Children's Hospital in memory of Hugh "Bear" Gibbons, a young soccer player who lost his life to cancer three years ago on Valentine's Day. If you are able, please bring a new bear to the state cup to help bring joy and comfort to children facing hospitalization. Please ask your team members to bring a new stuffed animal to the state cup. Your donation is greatly appreciated. Questions may be directed to makgrad15@yahoo.com or by visiting the facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/#!/ChildrensHopePalmettoRichland.

Posters by Picturesque!

Posters by Picturesque will be taking team photos and printing them for sale on site. Team posters are 12'x36" customized with tournament logo and your teams name and logo. We also do customer 24"x36" individual player posters in a sports card format.We will be bringing them to the field for parents and players/coaches to view throughout the weekend.  Please visit their tent to register to win a FREE team poster and 2 8x10s of your player!

Team posters are $25, if you would like to preorder you may get them for $20.  Email drduryea13@gmail.com or text 585-415-2064 to pre-order.


2013-14 Kohl's American/ Palmetto Academy Cup Location

Congratulations to Sumter Soccer Club on being selected to host the 2014 Kohls American/ Palmetto Academy Cup for U08-U12 recreation and Academy teams.

The Kohls American/Palmetto Academy Cup will be held April 11-13, 2014.

The Rain Date is April 18-20, 2014.

 Spring Publix Academy & Kohl's American Spring 2014

 Division  Champion  Finalist  Result
U8/9 BOYS RECREATION GCU Cobras SCUFC Panthers 4:2
U8 BOYS ACADEMY RED DSC 05 Green Coast FA 05 Red 5:2
U8 BOYS ACADEMY BLUE PUFC 05 Boys Pumas SCUFC Columbia Rockets 05 4:3
U8 GIRLS ACADEMY SCUFC 05 Girls Blue SSC 05 Girls Tornados 1st, 2nd
U9 BOYS ACADEMY RED DSC 04 Green Coast FA 04 Red 3:2
U9 BOYS ACADEMY BLUE SCUFC 04 Boys White SCUFC 04 Boys Blue 5:3
U9 GIRLS ACADEMY Liverpool FCA 04 Carragher SCUFC 04 Girls Grey 3:2
U10 BOYS RECREATION SCUFC Columbia Wolves SCUFC Toros U10 Boys 8:4
U10 BOYS ACADEMY RED SCUFC 03 Boys Red SCUFC 03 Boys Blue 1:0
U10 BOYS ACADEMY BLUE - EPL DSC 03 White SCUFC 03 Boys Silver 7:0
U10 BOYS ACADEMY BLUE - MLS PUFC 03 Boys Inter GCU Ballers 5:2
U10 GIRLS ACADEMY RED SSC 03 White SCUFC 03 Girls Black 5:3
U10 GIRLS ACADEMY BLUE Liverpool FCA 03 Thompson PUFC 03 Pumas 4:3
U11 BOYS ACADEMY RED - EPL Liverpool 02 Boys Dalglish SCUFC 02 Boys Blue 4:0
U11 BOYS ACADEMY RED - MLS Coast FA 03 Red DSC 03 Green 1st, 2nd
U11 BOYS ACADEMY BLUE - EPL Liverpool 02 Nicol MPSC Thunder 3:2
U11 BOYS ACADEMY BLUE - MLS GCU Ambush Liverpool 02 Babel 3:2
U11 GIRLS ACADEMY RED Liverpool FCA 02 Girls (Smith) DSC 02 Lady Green 4:1
U11 GIRLS ACADEMY BLUE SCUFC 02 Girls Blue FUSC U11G White 3:1
U11/12 BOYS RECREATION FSA CAFC U12 Rec SCUFC Panthers 1st, 2nd
U12 BOYS ACADEMY BLUE - EPL CASA Easley U12 Boys Tusitos FUSC U12B Black 4:1
U12 BOYS ACADEMY BLUE - MLS CRSA Sky01 Liverpool FCA 01 HUNT 1st, 2nd
U11/12 GIRLS RECREATION JIYSC Blaze SCUFC Galaxy 1st, 2nd
U12 GIRLS ACADEMY Sumter Voodoo Dolls CRSA Sky 01 Girls 1:0

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2014 Publix Palmetto Academy & Kohlís American Cup
South Carolina Youth Soccer
2014 Publix Palmetto Academy & Kohl’s American Cup
U8 - U12 Academy/Classic & Rec Teams
Spring 2014 Coach / Manager Letter
Dear SCYS Palmetto Cup Coaches and Managers: 
Thanks for applying to participate in the Spring 2014 SCYS Publix Palmetto Academy & Kohl’s American Cup competition. The U8-U12 games will be held in Sumter at the Patriot Park Soccer Complex on April 12 & 13. Directions are on the SCYS web site and on the Sumter Soccer Club web site. Preliminary Schedules will be posted Saturday April 5, 2014.
Publix Palmetto Academy & Kohl’s American Cup Teams.  
There will be NO MANDATORY coaches / managers meeting on Friday, April 11, 2014. However, each coach is reminded to review the tournament rules located on the SCYS web site under the administrative manual.
There will be no Friday Night Registration for this event. Please come to tournament headquarters before your first game to pick up your team's goody bags.
For more information on field layouts, directions, and schedule updates check out www.scysa.org or www.sumtersoccerclub.com . I look forward to seeing you in Sumter this weekend and best of luck to you and your team.
Dennis R. Cook
SCYS League Administrator
Patriots Park Projected Field Layout

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